If you ever wondered what Suda’s articles are like…well, wonder no more.
Here one of examples, that I’ve got my hands over at PlayStation Dengeki Magazine.
This time they will talk about 『SUPER HOT 』, it’s nothing special, but check it out.

 Column From: Suda, Goichi 『Grasshopper Manufacture』
Talk about the hottest indie title!
Kiteru 51 Indies –Series Number 54
Listener: Dengeki PS Editor-in-chief - Nishioka Mitamichi
PROFILE: Suda, Goichi
Creator and Representative of Grasshoppers · 『Grasshopper Manufacture Co.,Ltd.,』developing the latest work 『LET IT DIE』.
I am seeking works that are full of indie spirits.

In recent July 9 & 10 days BitSummit 4 in Kyoto and its debut for The Silver Case, is the first exhibition!   

『SUPER HOT 』– you would shout out in this strong new FPS with sense of puzzle elements!    

Suda:  Today, let's play a little bit of FPS. It is a work called 『SUPER HOT 』, but this game is quite unusual FPS that the time in the game is stopped as long as you do not move.

Nishioka: I understand just by being told by words, so I will try it anyway.

Suda:  The original setting of the game called 『SUPER HOT 』has been attached sent to play from the old school menu, such as the startup screen of the old PC, we will play by choosing a game.  

Nishioka: The setting has changed a bit.

Suda:  Let's start with the main part. As soon as you do not move, your enemies will not move either. Correctly, it does not mean that it is not completely moving, it seems that it is moving very slowly, and it does not change as much as it does not move if I actually play it. Of course, the movement of the bullet is also slow.

Nishioka: I see. Ah! I was touched the moment I moved! It is!

Suda:  As this moves, it will move at normal speed between time, so we need to pre-read enemies and bullets and move. If the opponent shoots a gun, avoid the ballistic guessing. Conversely shoot the gun aiming at the destination of the opponent so that you can hit this bullet.

Nishioka: I got to have fun when I understood! Because I know the trajectory of bullets, it is also possible to avoid them.

Suda:  When you clear the stage you can see a replay that moves at normal speed. You can also upload replay videos to the site called 『killstagram』 just like 『instagram』. Looking at Replay, it seems like you are doing super-play, right? (Laughs)

Nishioka: Or, the directing 『SUPER HOT 』which is called in conjunction with clearing is too funny (Laughs). Mr. Suda likes such things, is not it? (Laughs).

Suda:  Pronunciation is also nice, is it 『SUPER HOT 』! (Laughs).

Nishioka: It's awesome (Laughs). Looking after clearing, it's fresh feeling with FPS, but while playing it is a completely puzzle game. And it’s pretty difficult indeed.

Suda:  Since the position and order of the enemies appear, it is a gem I would like to remember.

Nishioka: Oh, the bullets run out!

Suda:  In such a case, you only have to throw a gun at your opponent. If you hit a person with a gun, the enemy will let go of the gun, catch it in the air! Let's rob you.

Nishioka: If you look at only the reply, you look exactly like God play. Alright, clear!


Nishioka: This sense is the best (Laughs).It seems I can drink alcohol alone (Laughs).

Suda:  This kind of thing is important. I wonder if it is also suitable for live conditions. 『SUPER HOT 』 will definitely get excited and there is also a sense of accomplishment.

Nishioka:  It is a game you want us to release with PS4. This is book more than FPS, but it cleverly feels good. Including the last 『SUPER HOT 』 ! The sense glows.

Suda:  It is a big invention in its production only (Laughs).

Nishioka: Let's proceed to the next stage. ...that? The screen is distorted somehow?

Suda:  It is a story-like direction. As mentioned earlier, it's a setting that you are playing a mysterious game called 『SUPER HOT 』 . When going forward with the game, it says that the game is going wrong under the threat. It seems to be an event that returns to the initial startup screen and installs new files.

Nishioka: The production of 『SUPER HOT 』 is too strong, but the directing on the story is also good.

Suda:  Although directing is also nice, it is really amazing to be able to play that cannot be done with real FPS. Dodge the firearm strength or pick up a gun earlier than the opponent and strike back. It is not a work I had never seen before I could reproduce a cool action.

Nishioka: Even if playing properly, the last replay will be a powerful scene like a movie. This is fun.

Suda:  But in the end it will be brought to 『SUPER HOT 』! (Laughs).

Nishioka: Even though game retirement is well done, I am only conscious about it because of the impact of so much impact (Laughs). It might be the first time in this column to smile so much and get excited? (Laughs)

Suda:  Of course, I think that it is well done as an action puzzle. Truly game design is excellent. The operation is simple, the production is also crisp! The game designer who thought about this is a genius. I cannot think of 『SUPER HOT 』unless it is a genius!

Suda:, Nishioka: Super Hot! Super Hot! (LOL)  

Well, that’s it. Sorry for a poor translation, it took me nearly month to get me through one page of Jap text, lol.
Here is original text for anyone who wonders more – http://www.mediafire.com/file/esdqd6o663lqch6/Dengeki+PS+Kiteru+51.docx
And scan of the actual article – http://www.mediafire.com/file/g9m5gabhf2g1m9m/playstation.png    

Have fun!

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