Videos of my old levels created for half-life deathmatch.

gauss_duel 28/05/2007

On this map you had low gravity and must have used gaussgun recoil both for transportation and kills.

apartments 03/06/2007

Ambitions were high with this building i never ended. In this map, i established my two favorite things regarding level design - a) ability of walking on cornice, ledge, catwalk etc. b) hidden secrets! behind the secrets! secrets everywhere!

killing time 14/06/2007

Small and compact map where you don't have much places to hide besides home and stuff; Also usage of verticality to have more walkable space and superior positions.

panopticon 24/08/2007

This was hugely inspired by watertower prison from Silent Hill 4. Main thing of this level is that you have several floors and many ways to move between them.

truth in highs 29/08/2008

It was my final map. All my decisions works here too - hidden secrets, large amount of walkable space - you're not limited to ground, but use roofs, ledges etc etc., verticality too.

Well, all of this was 10 years ago... Time, oh time.

Thanks to, i forgot my old signature! So i'll just mention it here