Not to out myself as a pleb but I do think there's a level of tangible meaning to his work or at least a ruleset you can figure out, there's consistent running themes like spirits traveling through electricity or being able to control it, and rules characters will describe like The Man behind the wall who controls peoples dreams or The Cowboy (the lightbulb flickers before you see him and after he leaves, like in the morgue in Twin Peaks) in Mulholland Drive. But those things are like what you said, dream symbolism, I think Lynch has a naturally abstract way of thinking so he's just portraying thigs the way he sees thinks of them, but because the abstract is natural to him and confusing to everyone else they assume he's coding things and try to "solve" his work as if it were intentionally coded.

I don't think he's random at all. You're right that there is an order & reason to how Lynch films things. What I'm saying is that you can't write a proper Intro, middle, end with a climax to his films because he's not trying to tell stories. He cares more about evoking emotions and mental states. Lynch never tells anyone what you're supposed to think or believe when watching his films because he wants you to derive a meaning for yourself.  He only cares about the artistic expression. Lynch gets away with a lot of crap that I would normally crticsize because he's the real deal. He's one of the few people who could righttfully be labeled as an artist. I sometimes see people trying to attribute Christian style good vs evil styled ethos on to his work and I just think that's the completely wrong way to approach a Lynch Blue Velvet era film. Blue Velvet itself was one of the last films he has done which was a proper story with a begining, middle, end & climax but BV also seemed to be a prototype for what Twin Peaks eventually came to be.

Smart idea, that would be a dream game, as much as the Souls series bring some relatively unique ideas into their European fantasy aesthetic I'm sick to death of this decades endless torrent of superhero movies and fantasy shit, I'd prefer plain realism with nothing supernatural at this point if that's all anyone can come up with in contemporary fiction.
If Manhunt had melee combat that didn't suck dick, I could easily imagine it as Dark Souls styled combat. The gunplay for MH was already good. (Much better than any GTA, but obviously not as good as Max Payne gunplay.) They could market the game with a Negan lookalike with the iconic weapon being a nailed covered baseball bat and have Trevor Philips as the guy directing snuff films. That way Rockstar could market to the faggots who still watch Walking Derp (Negan and Trevor from GTA are practically the only two worth watching in that show.) while maintaining their core audience. I don't mind supernatural if it's done in a similar way as Bloodborne or DOOM where you're fighting off a demon or alien invasion. I just don't like that faggy high fantasy bullshit. Not that Souls was high fantasy. I don't think I've ever seen any elves in a Souls game. It's just that Dark Fantasy is getting really played out. From Software is planning for their next game to be yet another Dark Fantasy.  Fuck that I want to see them either do another Weird Fantasy like Bloodborne or go full blown Urban modern. Samurai era would've been my next choice (since they did do Otogi which was creepy as hell.) but that's already been done with Nioh.

Yea, I was reading that thread and he seems like he's on the boarder between braindead and retarded. You explained clearly that what he's saying is more like Italian Facism than Nazism but he's so dead set on keeping his buzzword ideas he seems to interpret that as you getting offended and insulting him as a way of avoiding the gaps in his logic. Typical gangstalk schizo behavior.

I don't understand why he thinks I'm offended. I'm just bored.  He's boring, but I'm bemused by why he's getting so angry over nothing. He been saying this same shit for a decade. He came here during a time back when the site was a live-action role play of satiring Conspiracy theory sites, and he's one of the only people who never got the joke. We don't actually believe in conspiracy theories here. I remember when the site was much larger a lot of people wanted me to kick him out because he was scaring away most of the user-base due to his fucking insane conspiracy bullshit. (He scares people, because he actually does believe in conspiracy theories.)
He left of his own accord due to an 'argument' he and I had in regards to jews. The thing is, they're never actually arguments. It's usually just me trying to inform him that nearly everything he knows is wrong and here's the real account but then he ignores that and acts as if I'm brainwashed by Jews and that he's trying to save me from Jews or something when I'm actually part Jew.  I dunno mang lol!  

Xed (The owner of this site since 2009) once told me that "Kax/Evil One whatever name he goes by now" was one of his favorite parts of the forum because Kax's posts are so damn funny. Funny because Xed is laughing at him.  What I don't get is why doesn't Kax ever get on Xed's case for being Jewish?  He's acts way more Jewish than I do. He's a money grubbing asshole who wouldn't hesitate to sell other races out.  I act more Jap, I leave everyone alone so long as they leave me alone.

I still feel bad seeing any unique culture go towards extinction
The original indigenous people of Japan are the Ainu.  They've been nearly wiped off the face of the Earth but they don't complain. They accept their fate and have assimilated into the main cultural unit. That's what Injuns used to do until recently when outrage culture became a sudden new fad. I view Injuns as a failed Asian race. Even the Indians from India have a much better life (despite their weird fucking culture.) because Indians from India believe in higher education, and working hard to achieve your own greatness & dream.  The American Injun comes off as lazy & drunk in comparison.

A friend of mine who likes those games a lot more than I do had described Bloodbourne's combat as being more "animalistic" like a dogfight, he said. Which sounds pretty close to what you're saying, and it sounds better. DS3 isn't like that, but I've only played part of 1, and Demon's Souls back when it first came out. I think Dark Soul's 3 is good, I doubt you'll like it as much as Bloodbourne but if you're looking for another game like that I think it's worth it, just get it on sale like I did.
Animalistic is exactly how I would describe BB's combat. Animal, primal, visceral. The last game to evoke that type of response out of me was Manhunt once you finally get a gun. Nioh feels much more disciplined and martial arts influenced which is good, but BB has a much greater hold on me. I think BB is so good that it bumped off Resident Evil 4 from my Top 3 games of all time list. My top 3 is Super Metroid, Bloodborne & Ninja Gaiden 1 XBOX. That's my objective top 3.  My personal Top 3 would probably be something retarded like Nobunaga's Ambition Iron Triangle, Nobunaga's Ambition Sphere of Influence Ascension, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo with a shout out to Uncharted Waters 2.

I was thinking when it starts to alter your core level of thought it'd be more complicated than just calling it a meme, but maybe it isn't.
 I think the word you're looking for is memetics, because you're quite clearly describing memes.

The memeticists seek to explain how the replicants – products of memesis which might take the form of behaviors, concepts, ideas, cultural artifacts, even logos – propagate and migrate among minds. As Dawkins conceives of them, memes reproduce themselves; they interact with their surroundings and adapt to them; they mutate; they persist; and they defend themselves against each other. They compete for mindscape space. Memes evolve to fill waiting niches in their local environments, which are, in this case, the surrounding belief systems and cultures of their natural hosts, namely, us. They compete, they migrate, they thrive, they go dormant, and many fade away when their life span is over.

Memes are transmitted in conversation, via the mass media, in literature, religion and political discourse. They take the form of simple concepts and grow to become complicated social trends. The Internet is a meme transmitter on a grand scale; the entertainment industry is another. Marketing, public relations, and image management involve massaging memes – making a message “sticky” or having it “go viral”.

Cultists? Drones? Automatons? IMO, they all became that way because their entire world view were shaped through memes. Memes that are treated as a dogma or a religion. They never once thought about the origin of the memes or if there's any truth to the meme. Organized religions are the most noticeable group, but I often find that hardline Atheists are just as guilty of seeing the world through a lens covered with memes. All that matters to them is that a lot of other people also believe in those same memes so that alone justifies it to them as truth.

I used to be a militant Atheist before I returned to Christianity. Not that I care for the religion itself, I just advocate for the social order it brings since the answers it provides are enough to quell the madness within the minds of the subservient populace who need to be told what to do and how to live their life.  Without "God" (A metaphor for truth.), we'd be forced to live under Kings & Dictators again much like how the rest of the Non-Western world still lives in the dark ages taking orders from men who deem themselves as gods. 

Y'know what's funny, I think your attitude would bring more artistic merit to games than anything anyone's doing now even though that's clearly not what you intended saying any of that. When art games were all Japanese it worked out because the Japs making them thought similar to you, even if they wanted the games to be atmospherically or narrative focused, they were still trying to do a good job by the general consensus of what good was, it was a more collective way of thinking where you care about the end result outside of how it makes you yourself look good. But you look at the Western Indiegame sphere and the games that've been influenced by that school of thought and you see evidence to your point. 
That's actually my argument lol.  There's this fucking faggot called Icycalm who made a great analogy of comparing game making to the construction of a car. You don't grade a car's quality by the possible voyages you may have with it. You grade it by its functionality. What's weird is that guy eventually became an artfag even though he wrote at least 3 articles calling me an artfag lol.  I don't like to bring him up but he did bring up some good points about video games that I don't really see anyone else making. I'm not going to look up that idiot's bullshit to show to you but if you ever find his old crap, I think you'll may enjoy it because he once had a mindset that was similar to mine and he was much more hardcore with it.  

Those people see games as being flawed, which they are, but their efforts to advance games just come off as an expression of their own narcissistic hedonism and attempts at becoming celebrities

That's the real issue. To be fair half of them are influenced by Kojima and Metal Gear Solid, but the difference is that Kojima makes good games. MGS V is proof that Kojima can make gameplay so compelling that it completely drives the game although that's exactly why MGSV is also a very unmemorable experince when compared to what we're used to getting from him. Kojima games are missing that certain something special when divorced from the insanely (retarded) narratives that he's famous for writing.  What I don't understand is why do I see so much dickriding over Dark Souls coming from the West, but not a single one of them tries to make a Dark Souls styled game? Only D-grade no-name companies do like the people who made Lords of the Fallen & The Surge. Dark Souls is famous for being supposedly influenced by Western game design but I'm only seeing other Japs making Souls style games and succeeding at it like Nioh. Although Nioh itself reminds me more of Metal Gear Solid V minus the open world. It has a similar mission structure as MGS V and both have similar physics & aesthetics. I'm thinking of getting MGSV for PS4 because I miss how fucking bloody that game was. Nioh, Bloodborne, Metal Gear Solid V all of these games are gory as fuck but it adds to the experience. 

I believe that Rockstar could pull off a Soulslike with a Manhunt setting. Just have them show videos of Nioh where the main is wearing a Saika trench coat and show him shooting fools' heads off and sneaking behind ninjas to chop their body into bits. I would so love to see a Soulsstyle game where you play as a Slasher horror style villain.  

I agree, Nationalism has a functional place in society but most online White Nationlists are basically just tradNEETs because most NEETs are loser Whites to begin with so they're driven to perpetually self-segregate from personal failure and irresponsible anti-social tendencies. 

There's nothing wrong with nationalism at all. One of my favorite gayming blogs is written by what seems to be an extreme Black nationalist. He even shouts a Nubian goddesse's name in vain.   I laugh at a lot of the kooky shit he believes but his posts regarding games are so interesting. 
This is the piece that caused me to take notice of him.

The issue I have with White Nationalism, are all of the crazy conspiracy bullshit (like Pizza gate.) that they bring along with it which undermines their entire movement. Why can't they be fucking normal like Jap nationalists are? Jap nationalists are just people who love their country and always put their own people first.  That's it.  There's no stupid shit such as  "Are South Europeans white?" "Should we gas all Jews?" "All Whites with Brown eyes are Niggers or GOOKS!"  etc.  What does any of that have to do with nationalism? I was on friendly terms with them until I realized that White Nationalists aren't actually Nationalist.  They're fucking insane is what they are.  

White nationalists aren't at all concerned with community. They care about DANK MEMEs. White Nationalists pretend to be Pagan, they hate modern civilization because they claim it's an invention of weak non-White mongrels (Italians) to efeminize men. They go on about how they hate modernization (supposedly the invention of the Jew & Mongrelized Whites) while relaying their message to us through their cellphones or pc which is an invention of modern White civilization that they despise because they hate mongrels. LOL! Just look up the Youtube channel "Thulean Perspective." He believes everything that I just said and could be the originator of those fucking retarded memes. There's a whole slew of insanity that's even far crazier than that Afro Hispanic that I'm arguing with in that other thread.  

 Although for the Afro Hispanic dude, I have pity for because he believes in the White Nationalist rhetoric 100% without realizing that it's White Nationalist rhetoric. I try to tell him that. He calls me a racist SJW who hates Whites. LOL! 
I've only seen a few White nationalists worth a damn 
and ironically they happen to be Italian, the one White race that White Nationalists really fucking hate. 
I take no issue with what that NPC guy says at all, because much of what he writes are based off of truth.  I see him arguing with White Nationalists all the time even though he's a White Nationalist himself. The difference is that he doesn't believe in stupid conspiracy bullshit.

Well White Nationalists also don't like Spaniards but I always felt it was hypocritical to hate Italians because they're responsible for nearly the entirety of of the inquisitive nature of Western culture. Which later on became spear headed by English & Germans through the advent of Protestant Christianity guiding them, which most White Nationalists fucking hate because Cucktanity is supposedly a Kike invention specficially made to undermine & enslave the White man. LOL!  I swear mang. The fucking bullshit that these imbeciles believe.  You can't reason with them either, because they'll accuse you of being brainwashed by Liberal Kike media.  Everything is a Super Evil Kike plot with them. It's funny when you look at Jap nationalism. They don't ever talk about Kikes or even Whites.  They just talk about the lands & traiditons of their fathers.  Why can't White Nationalism just revolve around history instead of a bunch of made up conspiracy shit created by uneducated retards like Varg.

Again, similar to my other friends that age, you guys got the Latchkey experience. Everyone I knew growing up might as well have been raised in kennels, it was the age of helicopter parents that never let anyone go outside and make mistakes, get hurt, or experience anything themselves. So it's no surprise to me that we've seen such an aggressive rise of identity politics and a culture of fetishized victimhood throughout this decade as Millenials are forced into an adulthood they were denied preparation for. I think if everyone would admit that's why they're so oversensitive something could actually be done about it, but since it's become a culture of denial it'll have to be waited out.
I hear about that a lot. It's sad that's how people grow up these days because it results in an entire population of people whom have never really had any real experiences while growing up. Everything they participated in was virtual. It kinda reminds me of that plot in MGS2 where Raiden would go on about his virtual training as Snake scoffs at him, because he doesn't believe that virtual reality is no substitute for the real thing.
I was born in 83 and people starting at 85 view the world completely different from how I do. I guess I was old enough to actually see what the world was like when it was actually at war. (Cold War) As opposed to now where we just have a lot of televised fear mongering but it all comes off as just one big corporate marketting push to lead the populace to esape even further into their own virtual escapism. I'm guilty of it too. I rarely ever go outside these days, because there's nothing to fucking do outside. Everybody is on a fucking cellphone so I just stay home and cuss people out in an online game or something.

Oh and btw, you should try out Axiom Verge sometime. 
It's a great 2d canindate for this thread because the architecture in that game is completely bio mechanical. It's the reason why I don't like the way the 3ds Metroid 2 remake looks at all.  3ds Metroid 2 looks too plastic. It doesn't have enough of that organic bio mechanical Geiger inspired artstyled that Super Metroid & Zero Mission had. It's a Western game made by only one man. The hero seems to be self-insert since he looks like a slightly less ugly version of the guy who made it.  I just bought this two weeks ago through PSN. Damn amazing game. 

Axiom Verge is the only Metroid imitator I've seen that understood exactly what it was that I love about Metroid. It was the alien worlds and the mystery behind it.  I also like how the majority of the enemies are just the planet's natural life representing an extremely hostile food chain where humans are near the bottom just like how the Metroid games used to be like back when Yokoi was the main vision behind the Metroid games. The Axiom Verge creator even took the time to create his own alien races and they are fucking freaky as fuck.  The twist though is that they're the good guys, or at least they're portrayed as such from what little we know of the plot. We only know what they tell us. The final boss implies that there is something more going on than that but he's killed by the aliens before he gets a chance to spill the beans.

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